Budget-Friendly Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

If you want to attract buyers to your listing, staging it is a great way to start. Obviously, the interior of your home needs to be show-stopping, but so does the exterior. In fact, curb appeal plays a key role in how quickly your home will sell.

Consider this: buyers will first see the outside of your home before they make it to the front door. As such, you want to do what you can to make sure your home is inviting and attractive enough to entice buyers to want to see what’s inside.

As important as boosting curb appeal is when listing your home for sale, you don’t exactly have to break the bank to make improvements. In fact, there are several affordable ways to enhance the look of your home from the exterior.

Wash Everything

Your windows, walkways, driveway, porch, deck, siding, brick walls, and even your mailbox could probably use a good thorough wash before you plant your For Sale sign. If you have one (or can borrow one), take a pressure washer to the surfaces of your exterior. You’d be amazed at what a difference a few sprays can make.

Make Minor Repairs

Whether the gutters are a little bent, a light bulb is burned out, or a couple of bricks are crumbling, these little issues can be noticeable to buyers. If you have the know-how, make these repairs yourself. Or else, call a local handyman to make these updates for you.

Paint the Front Door

A can of paint will only cost you a few bucks, but a new coat of paint can make on your front door – and the overall look of your home’s exterior – will make it look like you’ve spent thousands. Choose a color that goes well with the rest of your home’s color scheme while making your home stand out, in a good way.

Install a New Door Knob

If the hardware on your front door is looking a little tired, change it up. It doesn’t cost much to buy yourself a new door handle, but such a seemingly subtle change can really update the look of your front door.

Add a Welcoming Doormat

Not only does a doormat with a cheerful slogan make guests (and buyers) feel welcome, it can also help to spruce up your home’s exterior.

Update Your Mailbox

Another seemingly insignificant exterior detail is your mailbox. If yours is getting up there in age – or at least looks like it is – consider either updating the one you have or swapping for a completely new one.

Install New House Numbers

You can quickly boost curb appeal with brand new house numbers, especially if the ones you have right now are old and worn out. Go for finishes that match well with any exterior lighting you may have.

Add Home-Made Shutters

While some shutters can be expensive to install, you can add faux shutters at a fraction of the price. And the home improvement store that you get them from will even cut them to size for you.

Edge Your Walkway

If your front yard has a walkway leading to the front door, spruce it up with some edging. You can literally choose from a myriad of materials to use for this job, including flowers, interlocking stones, or Riverstone to add some definition.

Cover Exposed Foundation

Many homes have a portion of their foundation exposed underneath their siding or brick. If that sounds like your home, cover up that exposed concrete with some easy-to-apply stone panels.

Trim and Weed Your Lawn

Probably the cheapest thing you can do to improve your lawn is to make sure the grass is trimmed and the weeds are plucked. Just be sure that you don’t let the grass or weeds overgrow while your home is on the market.

Plant Some Flowers

A common yet effective way to boost curb appeal is to add some colorful flower beds to your front lawn. They’re easy to plant and can be added in such a way to make your landscaping as unique as you’d like it to be.

Install Flower Boxes Under Windows

Don’t limit your flower planting to just the ground. Adding flower boxes under window sills can be an affordable way to add a pop of color to your home’s exterior.

Add Potted Plants

If you don’t feel like planting anything directly into the ground, you can still add plenty of natural beauty with potted plants.

Add Patio Furniture

If the space permits, consider adding a couple of outdoor patio chairs to flank your front door and spruce up your front entrance. If you really want to save some money, consider buying from a second-hand store, repainting the frame of the chairs, and adding your own cushions in a bright and cheerful color.

Update Exterior Lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of exterior lighting to curb appeal. If your lighting has seen better days, consider updating it. Even just a couple of exterior lights on either side of your front door or garage should do the trick.

The Bottom Line

Curb appeal plays an important role in the overall staging of your home. If you want to attract as many buyers as you can and get a decent offer quickly, boosting your curb appeal is a must. And with these ideas, you can make a huge difference in your home’s exterior with very little money.